Acadia National Park 2018 Annual Pass

The cat's out of the bag; I can now reveal that one of my favorite photos has been chosen to be on the 2018 annual pass to Acadia. To be honest, I entered a couple images last November and forgot about them until a few days ago, when someone from the national park contacted me. It's a real honor, and I take pride in knowing that one of my pictures will be seen on thousands of visitor passes throughout the year.

The photo was taken at Hunters Head in October 2014. That was the first year I started using a medium format camera for all my Acadia photography, but I also brought along a Canon 5D Mark 2 in case I had any issues with the new camera. On this occasion, I needed a very wide angle lens, and with the widest lens I had for the new camera only being equivalent to a 28mm lens, I was forced to switch to the Canon, with a 16-35mm lens attached,

Exposure details... 1/5 second at f/16, 16-35mm lens at 16mm, ISO 100, 3-stop graduated neutral density filter, tripod.

This is also the shot I chose for the cover of my coffee table book of Acadia photography, Under October Skies (find out more here).