Under October Skies finished book

The book is 12x12 inches, 144 pages, and contains over 80 full color and black and white photos, including double-page spread panoramas, all printed on heavyweight fine art paper.

Under October Skies can be ordered now, with free shipping for all US customers. This is the only place to get a signed copy of the book.


What readers are saying...

"... just got the book yesterday. The book is fabulous. Simply fabulous. I'm so glad that you packed it really well. I collect these kinds of books, and the one you sent was in pristine condition. I am also really happy that you decided to go "all the way" with the book, choosing to print on high quality paper with good color saturation. Another thing you REALLY did well was choosing a book binding that lets your panoramic two-page photographs lay almost flat so I can see the WHOLE photograph without breaking the darned book binding! And your photographs are most excellent. I'm one of those people who really appreciate intimate photographs of a landscape. You do this particularly well, Mike. I could stare at Plate 58 for days and just keep smiling; the colors and clarity are of course superb, but then I get into the abstract shapes and reflections and blended colors and---damn! Good therapy after a hard day in the lab."

Jim, Baltimore, MD

"Let me tell you that you're a great photographer!"

Pietro, Parma, Italy

Michael, I received your book today.  I am extremely pleased with it.  It takes me back to many memories of being in Acadia.  Congratulations; it is a wonderful book.  Your images are fabulous and the print quality very nice.

Dr. Thomas, Edmond, Oklahoma

"The book is so well done, surpassing anything I could have expected. You should be very proud of what you have created.  It's beautiful, and on many levels."

Susan, London, England

"This book is every bit as excellent as any of the Ansel Adams national park books."

Eric, Glen Ellyn, IL

"What a fabulous surprise! I roll home exhausted late on a Friday night and there is a box on my front step. Beautiful work, Mike. Now I gotta get a coffee table because this book is not going on the shelf!"

Ruth, Redlands, CA

"I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for the beautiful book."

Rhonda, St Paul, MN

"...it's gorgeous. And I really liked the intro you wrote. I read it a couple of times, helped me to see the plates with a quieter eye. Thank you."

Kemp, Winston-Salem, NC

"One simple word: Amazing. I plan on consuming this book a little at a time so each page can sink in and I get a new treat everyday. Oh– Plate 4 has a ton of movement; love it."

Rick, BC, Canada

"Your book arrived and it's great. I had expected it to be good but you outdid yourself. Terrific presentation with all the double page photos, nice paper and just all around outstanding."

Bob, Denver, CO

"It's just beautiful (of course). The photos are stunning, and the book as a whole is simply a grand package. Spectacular work."

Mike, Chicago, IL

"What a beautiful book.  Not only are the images great but the layout, printing and quality are top notch. I have a number of photographic books such as Art of God (Ric Ergenbright), Art of Nature (Bruce Heinemann), Arkansas Landscape (Tim Ernest), Natural Light (Joseph Holmes) and Light and Land (Art Wolf).  Among these books, which I recently revisited, your book stands out."

Don, St Louis, MO

"Your Acadia projects such as your book show me a lot more than just taking an image. I truly understand it is a journey full of passion for creating art and love of the location along with the beauty of solace that is shared in the your art and just being there in the moment."

Michael, Boston, MA

"I had the occasion to see your book the last time I was in Maine... convinced my sister to purchase it for me for my birthday.  Am very excited to have it... your photographs are those I dream of taking.  Thank you again for sharing your gift of photography!"

Nancy, Reynoldsburg, OH

"I'd buy this book twice if I could. Mike set up this tribute to Acadia so well, and I know, we visit there all seasons every year. He has even been to places I haven't, and I have been going there since I was 7!"

Rob, Wolfesboro, NH

“Highly recommend this book. My husband bought it for me last Christmas.”

Jeanette, Oldmar, FL

“I picked up your book “Under October Skies” at Sherman’s bookstore in Bar Harbor. It’s a beautiful book, well done!”

Al, St Charles, IL

“I received your book today. Thank you for the fast shipment and you do an amazing job packing. The book arrived perfect, and it’s a beautiful book. Everyone that has seen it has been amazed. Thanks again.”

Mike, Commack, NY