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"I purchased your photographer’s guide and it was very well done! I know writing books is very time consuming! It’s an amazing resource - and time saver!"

Mike, Boston MA

"Gorgeous images. A lot more descriptive material than I expected. Very well done!"

Tom, Chicago IL

"Excellent photos to inspire with exact locations, as well as handy charts on where to go for certain times of day and weather conditions. Truly a photographer's guide for photographers exploring the beautiful national park. The iBooks version worked out great and we enjoyed being guided by your photos to beautiful sights."


"Very nice. Perfect for a photographer's first visit to Acadia."

Kristine, Seattle WA


Don't waste valuable time searching for the most photogenic locations in Acadia– I've done the work for you. This is the only guidebook written specifically for photographers (or those who just want to find the best sights in Acadia) with direct links to Google Maps and GPS coordinates.

• 246 pages, 200+ photos, and over 210 external links to maps and websites.

• for photographers of all levels and abilities

• the Top Ten Places to photograph in Acadia

• 70 Top Photos- what, where, when, and how they were made, along with GPS coordinates

• most photos linked to Google Maps, so you can find directions easily

• a beginner's crash course in photography- learn the basics (aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, RAW vs JPGs, using filters, HDR photography, panoramas and more)

• written in an easy to follow format, by a professional photographer with 25 years' experience

• "secret" locations not found in other guide books

• local history of the national park and Mount Desert Island

• tips for how to do astrophotography (photographing the night sky above Acadia)

• how to take advantage of any light- sunny, cloudy or rainy

• optimized for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, PCs, Kindle, Nook and other devices

•  Only $12.99- available right now in the iTunes store or as a downloadable pdf.


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