Back in June, I stopped in at Northeast Harbor to visit Artemis Gallery and show them some of my prints. But I arrived early and had a few minutes to kill before my appointment, so I headed down to the harbor to have a look around. If you've never been there, the harbor is a peaceful, but busy place with fishing boats, yachts and ferries coming and going, and plenty of lobster traps stacked on the edge of the boat ramp.

But what drew me that morning was the rusty chains lying around the rocks. I took note of them and went off to my meeting. Later that day, I returned to spend about an hour photographing the chains. It was overcast so I had nice soft light to work with. I thought the dry chains would look better wet though so I poured water over them, then realized I preferred them dry (pictures 2 and 3).

All images were made with a Pentax 645Z medium format camera, ISO 100, and a carbon fiber tripod.