Colorful autumn trees along the Jesup Path, Acadia National Park

Soaring Foliage, near Sieur de Monts on the Jesup Path boardwalk

I've made a lot of images like this one over the past four or five years. But I'm always working on making better ones. As easy as it looks to make an photo like this, it takes hours of searching for the right woods, with the most colorful foliage to photograph– reds, yellows, oranges, and even greens. And hopefully when you find the right spot, you don't have any dead trees in your image to mar the picture. Oh, and a blue sky adds that one extra color into the mix, so it has to be a nice day. And lastly, there can't be any wind, or you have to make your pictures between breezes in order to get a sharp picture of every leaf. Surprisingly, locations like this are somewhat rare in Acadia. You really have to search to find so many different colors in one image.

Here, about 150 feet off the Jesup Path boardwalk, I found this grove of trees breaking out in all shades of color. When I find the right spot, I spend a long time making images, sometimes several hours. My neck was sore from looking up so much. But when I was done, I think I had some of the best, most colorful images possible in Acadia.