I just received this unsolicited email from a reader of my ebook, The Photographer's Guide to Acadia...

"Your book has been an inspiration and a great source for planning my first ever trip in a National Park. I spent 5 days on MDI [Mount Desert Island] going to so many different parts of the island, including Schoodic Peninsula.  The weather did not cooperate for almost 2.5 days but your book gave me plenty of ideas to photograph in bad weather.  Thank you for a well documented photography book and beautifully illustrated with your photos.
The best part of the E-book format is I was able to carry it in the car all day on the iPad and reference it when I needed it or look at my notes.  I had mapped a lot of the locations on Google map. I spent my first afternoon scouting the sunrise/sunset locations I wanted along the coast and made them my own. Having your book was an invaluable resource.
I fell in love with the area, there is so much to do and see and the hikes are spectacular. I do plan on returning next year. I am just an enthusiast photographer who loves to be outdoor.  Thank you for your time and you do not have to respond!"
– Philippe


In early 2014, I began writing my first book on Acadia, The Photographer's Guide to Acadia. Since the book was finished in May 2014, it's been a regular seller, popular with Acadia photographers and visitors alike. Perhaps the best feature of the book is that I've tagged each picture with a map link, so readers can click on a picture and be taken right to Google Maps, where they can get directions to each location. Although there are other photography guides to Acadia, this is the only one with this feature– a real time saver when your visit to the national park is limited and you don't want to waste your time finding where everything is.

There are also chapters devoted to camera techniques, equipment, helpful photography and weather apps, my Top Ten places to photograph in Acadia, and a Gallery of fifty photos, showing where I made each picture, what camera setting I used, as well as other helpful tips.

The book is only available online as an ebook and can be bought from this website, or from the iTunes store. Price $12.99.